Fifty Shades Of Brown The Movie

Fifty Shades Of Brown The Movie

Fifty Shades Of Brown was a 3month project. Where the host, The Voice, sought to address an issue that was resurfacing on Social Networks and within the “Melanoid” Communities.

The issue…

Colorism: “Discrimination based on skin color.

Colorism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

Colorism, a term coined by Alice Walker in 1982, is not a synonym of racism. “Race” depends on multiple factors (including ancestry); therefore, racial categorization does not solely rely on skin color. Skin color is only one mechanism used to assign individuals to a racial category, but race is the set of beliefs and assumptions assigned to that category. Racism is the dependence of social status on the social meaning attached to race; Colorism is the dependence of social status on skin color alone.”

The project evolved into a campaign where enlightening, educating and celebrating the marvel of Melanoid people was it’s focus.

The host conducted street interviews, where people were approached by random, scoured various social networks and random phone calls, recruiting those interested in sharing their thoughts, knowledge and experience with Colorism.

The impact was broad but the dialog was necessary.

We believe you will be educated and entertained by the Participants/Guests, who all shared their thoughts and experience with Colorism. As well as the impact that Colorism had on their lives and others.

The Panel Of Provocative Thinkers; ranged from the US to UK (London), the Show includes a special interview with Kola Boof (Sudanese/Egyptian American Author) and a host of Street Interviews.

We hope that you enjoy the Show and take something away from it. We encourage you all to comment your thoughts and ideas on the show and please share any views or ideas for future shows.


We Provoke Thought

Random Show Calls, Global Video Show Conference and Street Interviews
Subject: Colorism
Audio: Good/Fair