Do Not Stare At Ohio Police Officers

Do Not Stare At Ohio Police Officers

The relationship between Citizen and Civil Servant has always been a sensitive issue in America.

For ages the “Good Cop” has been outshone by the “Bad Cop”. Today’s climate is no different. For the past several years America has seen a horrifying increase in Police Brutality and outright MURDER!
These men and women, who supposedly took an oath to “Protect and Serve”, have instead adopted a far different tactic; Intimidate, Abuse and KILL!

In this year,  more UNARMED Citizens have been KILLED by Civil Servants than officers losing their lives in the line of duty.

John Felton Found Himself A Victim Of Officer Randy Betsinger, Who Egregiously Used His Authority To Violate Mr. Felton

US Police Killings

Killed By Police 2015

With standards being lowered for Officer acceptance, and an obvious issue with poor inadequate training, this problem has become and epidemic.
Communities have been raped of their liberties and rights, their families, children, property, homes and pet animals have been tormented. No one is safe!
We have seen even those with disabilities and illnesses lose their lives, in some cases, because of their disability.

Lastly, the disparity cannot be shaded when one focuses on the War waged against the Melanoid People (Black).
It is clear that being Black increases unfavorable odds in Citizen to Civil Servant interactions.

These “Dirty Cops” have been caught finding pleasure in assaulting individuals and tactfully finding ways to escalate and draw confrontation, which have led to unlawful arrest and worse, fatalities.

So there is no surprise that, on August 15th (2015) in Dayton Ohio,  John Felton found himself a victim of  Officer Randy Betsinger, who egregiously used his authority to violate and harass Mr. Felton.
John Felton was pulled over by the officer for…“Failing to signal for a turn…100ft prior”
and in the officer’s own words…
“You made direct eye contact with me and held onto it when I was passing you.”

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